The Chatterton/Coleridge Church 3

The Chatterton/Coleridge Church 3

The doorway is a two-way portal. From here, inside is the ancient world of Anglo-Christendom. In the time of Chatterton and Coleridge, the view from this doorway would have been very different. Coleridge’s biographer Richard Holmes points out that Bristol had changed enormously from the city Chatterton grew up in to the one Coleridge lived in in the 1790s.

This doorway is a time-machine.

Here’s a link to his long revolutionary poem ‘Religious Musings’ published in Bristol by Joseph Cottle:

Photo: Niall McDevitt

About Niall McDevitt

Niall McDevitt > poet > author of b/w (Waterloo Press, 2010) and Porterloo (International Times, 2012) > urban explorer > radical pedestrian who leads Shakespeare/Blake/Rimbaud /Yeats walks, among others.
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