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  behind the illustrious man a shadow squats behind the tenured man of academe a shadow shits what a shadow does not clean up how can followers know? how can flatterers see his feet not just of clay but cloven? … Continue reading

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The Lifelong Death of TS Eliot is a new walk by Niall McDevitt exploring the Kensington habitat of the American who was surprisingly voted ‘the nation’s favourite poet’ in a 2009 poll.¬† Though Eliot is associated with Bloomsbury and with … Continue reading

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TYBURN (a neck verse)

after Peter Linebaugh   cranes over tyburn (‘marble arch place’) paddy-necks, bull-necks, they came to hang, they came to hang at the tyburn crossroads, twenty-four necks a time on the crossbeams, yahoo-necks, prole-necks, they who lived amid dung and refuse, … Continue reading

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